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Becoming a Candidate-Lodge of the Hermetic Order of the Temple of Starlight®
The consecration of Hygieia under the Constellation Ophiochus

Our small group worked together for more than one year with magical themes, when we decided to found the Hygieia-group on Easter-Friday 2006. We all came from healing professions and healing was our central theme, we wanted to learn magical healing methods. I was leading the small group, but decided that in order to do this responsible we needed a lot of help from a teacher and real trained Magus. I started my training at the the Hermetic Order of the Temple of Starlight®.
In summer 2006 we started the meditations of the Light-Ceremony, and had a good contact to Ina the entire time, who gave instructions and help. From that time on we worked under the name ‘Schlangenträgerin’ in the Light-Ceremony, connecting ourselves with the constellation Ophiochus. Ophiuchus is a very old Star-constellation. The name means ‘snake-holder’. We chose this constellation because it is related to medicine, also Hygieia has snakes (you know the famous picture of Gustav Klimt – ‘Hygieia’?) and all medical gods have snakes as their symbol.
Ina has been here to give workshops and to teach the members of the Hygieia-group two times last year. She saw that our group was really willing to learn magic. Now she wanted to give us more support and energy for our magical work and suggested to give our group the status of a Candidate-Lodge; we are officially connected to the Hermetic Order of the Temple of Starlight®, and have the energy of a fully contacted school and the protection of the Temple behind us to assist us in our work.
Ina arrived one day earlier for the workshop ‘The Magical Lotus of Healing’ to upgrade the Hygieia-group to a Candidate-Lodge.
We prepared our Temple for this evening, prepared some magical tools, and had a beautiful ceremony, where all the members were anointed with holy oil. Ina opened the doors to the stellar-gates and asked for support from the ancient healing-gods and goddesses, and built up a connection between the altar and the highest heavens, where all the energy would be enabled to come down when we need it in our rituals.
She consecrated the altarsymbol, which we created especially for our group, and she gave a lot of energy into the foundation stone of our group. All members of the Hygieia-group now are connected to the Hermetic Order of the Temple of Starlight® – and everybody could feel the rising energy herself!
We are very glad for this support, for the education we can get from the school, and to be connected to the Hermetic Order of the Temple of Starlight®. This was follwed by the weekendworkshop ‘The Magical Lotus of Healing’, we had a wonderful workshop with Ina about healing – especially dedicated to our healing-temple.
I would be very glad to meet you here in our Hygieia-group, in the light-ceremonies or on the workshops!
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