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The Colour of God
(a lecture not given ... out of shyness) by Jack van Eik (1946-2009)

Ladies and gentlemen,
I'm not much of a magician and I'm certainly not used to stand in front of an audience, so what am I doing here before you?
Well, sometimes the heart bursts. When too much love is getting in. Or too much light. You cannot hold it in, so you have to share. Sometimes (but really it is the same as love or light) you see something in a new perspective and a gate opens. And behind it is a new Jerusalem, shining, glorious.

You know as well as I do that those moments, and they are always moment of inner truth, are rare and come unexpectedly and what triggered them is probably something seemingly insignificant, an insect buzzing overhead, a blade of grass catching the sunlight, a simple word in a book already seen a dozen times.
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