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Develop your hypersensitivity by spiritual magical training
Ina Custers van Bergen

Ina+Cüsters+van+Bergen+ Hermetic+Order+Temple+of+StarlightAn exercise in psychometry

Recently, one of our temple training groups carried out an exercise in Psychometry. Psychometry is the ability to feel an object's history. A group of about twenty students experimented with testing our skills, to see how reliable the extrasensory perception is we experience in so many day-to-day situations.

Everyone brought an object along that he or she knew the history of, and under special circumstances and with specific instructions we paired off and tried out at 'feeling' each other's objects. We then shared our findings.

Extraordinarily, 95% of ALL statements made by those taking part were correct, an extremely high success rate!


High-sensitivity borders on 'Psychism'.

One of the people taking part asked whether you would get the same success rate if you repeated the experiment with your neighbours or family, for example.

The answer to that is no, probably not. Many people who enlist in spiritual courses and join spiritual groups are people who in common parlance are 'hypersensitive'. However, in magical school like ours, instead of referring to hypersensitivity, we refer to 'Psychic Skills'. In other words, this hyper- sensitivity borders on clairvoyant talent.



There's more, but what?

People join our Order because they know and experience that there is 'more'. They are keen to study the unseen reality they constantly feel they are surrounded by and want to further develop their talents in this direction.

In daily life, untrained hypersensitivity is often experienced as unpleasant and bothersome. Their extreme sensitivity propels some people past the boundaries of 'objectivity', and this can be highly confusing. But where in everyday society hypersensitivity may be felt to be a handicap, at our school, it is viewed as a special skill, a talent you can develop!



Call it up and close it down

A sound magical training can help you develop this kind of talent in a well-balanced way. For some people, for the very first time, they can reap tremendous benefits from their hypersensitivity. They learn how to use it as an instrument to call up meaningful magical and mystical experiences, and to see the interrelatedness behind certain events. It is important to hereby learn to call up and close down this 'extra sensory perception'.



"Help, I'm an 'empath'!"

Are you too one of those people, someone who feels things much more intensely than other people, who picks up all sorts of impressions of the feelings of people around you? Do you involuntarily tune into moods and emotions wherever you go, becoming over-stimulated in large crowds of people? Do you have a well-developed sixth sense and a keen awareness of a 'worlds behind the world'.

This is often the reason why people start off on their spiritual quest. Within our magical order, we teach people to be aware of their 'psychic skills' and how they can further develop their natural aptitude. It is important to learn how to gain proper control of your powers. As you learn how to call them up and close them down, instead of a hindrance, you will gradually start to reap the fruits of your talent.