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Help me understand the Universe
Interview with Strandwalker about the Solo Magical Training

I would like to share what I have gained from the training at the Hermetic Order of the Temple of Starlight. Some years ago I was looking for a spiritual training. I wanted a school that would provide me with esoteric teaching and at the same time help me to understand the Universe. I had read lots of books and studied the theories, taking bits and pieces at random, a method which turned out not to work very well.


I am now following the Solo Magical Training and I still study the theory, but I also experience how it translates into practice and the effects. This helps me understand the theory better; it supports the praxis. The lectures provide me with a connecting thread, and I am happy to be studying on the basis of a clearly thought out system. Each month I follow another lesson in sequence and I know exactly what my next teaching exercise will be.


Controlled clairvoyance

I used to have the feeling that I was a bit clairvoyant. I was able to see when a person or a group was having trouble or when problems started to develop. I would then try and help out, only getting myself into a lot of trouble as the people or groups I tried to help didn’t want my help.

In the course of the solo magical training, my clairvoyance disappeared, and I was able to take a distance and let people find their own way without the need to interfere.

Now my clairvoyance is back again, but in a controlled way. It resurfaced, refreshed. I had read about this happening and was happy to experience it myself. The power has not changed, but the clairvoyance no longer breaks through untamed. I am now in control of when I want to open myself up to this kind of information and when I don’t. If I feel immersed in my own problems or just don’t feel like it, nothing happens, I can turn it off.


The effect of the exercises

The exercises themselves bring me into another world – another space – that is related to my ordinary life, but which I enter with intention. I can make contact with Higher Forces for brief moments, and frequently, there will be results as quickly as the next day. If I take a break in the course, my concentration is somewhat disturbed. The exercises give me the feeling of being ‚home’. They help me develop a part of me which was always there, but for which I lacked the proper method to use.


Changes in my life

The course has made me a lot more stable in my life. I find it easier to structure my experiences and my environment and easier to communicate with those close to me. I can make better deals for my firm, I have better results in sports and my general health has improved. The health benefits are immediately evident when I am working with special exercises in the course.

Regarding my work, I have found better customers, who are better suited to me and pay me more than in the past; I think it’s fair to say that everything has improved in a certain way. I am definitely able to focus better on my work. When in the past certain tasks used to take up a lot of time, I am now often finished in the afternoon.



Strandwalker, Germany
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