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How to influence the Laws of the Unseen


Occultism is an spiritual philosophy, which teaches the knowledge of the subconscious mind, the knowledge of 'transcendental' forces. These are universal forces of a spiritual nature. In the spiritual universe, eveery living being is conscious, from a stone to a star, from Cosmos to Earth. This consciousness is grouped in patterns. These patterns were called angels, gods or nature spirits; names for the invisible structures which are the foundation of things, beings and events. Occultism is of every time and culture. Occult teachings comes forth from, streams into gnostic, hermetism, kabbala, magic and alchemy. For this reason there is a broad common ground between these universal, religious based philosophies.

Unveil the Unseen

Occult, that what is hidden. The Hermetic Order of the Temple of Starlight gives this invisible universe a place in your life. Offers you an insight in the world of the 'Unseen' and in this way to the Higher Spiritual World. You learn to recognise the pattern of the Unseen and their working. A mindprovoking knowledge of the occult with the ability to influence your life in a positive way



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