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Tep Zepi
Some notes by Jack van Eik (1946 - 2009)

I have come to this sacred place, the region of 'the First Time',
to be a soul, a Ka, a spirit, a dweller in this land.[ii]

'Tep Zepi, the First Time, is a central concept in ancient Egyptian religion.' Jeremy Naydler in his book Temple of the Cosmos[iii] did say some sensible things about it and he indicated how much this concept was intertwined with the magical and ritual practice of the Egyptians. As a practitioner of ceremonial magic, in particular Egyptian, and so from a different perspective, I feel a need to share with you my own findings about Tep Zepi.
First we have to determine what is the proper meaning of this First Time. Looked at superficially it is a mythological era of the first creation, the era of the adventures of the gods, the mythical events that created a pattern and a standard for later times, a golden age before, as it is said: 'rage or clamour or strife or uproar had come about'. In this view it would mean that it all took place in the past, that Tep Zepi is mytho-historical time. The creation is in this conception after all something that is situated at the start of the timeline.
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