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Would you like to gain access to the Temple of High Magic too?
Ina Custers van Bergen

Ina+Cüsters+van+Bergen+ Hermetic+Order+Temple+of+StarlightMany people have a great interest in the Western Mystery tradition. Do you also like to read books like 'The Secret' or 'The Lost Symbol'? But once you start looking for information on Magical Schools, you may find it difficult to make a connection with the Western Mystery Tradition on the basis of your own esoteric knowledge and background. How can this gap be bridged?



The problem of the Western Mystery Tradition

A lot of information in the esoteric world is based on Eastern Traditions. The Western Mystery Tradition, however, has it own techniques and concepts. Publications about these subjects are often written by specialists – mostly in English jargon. This makes it very difficult for people who want to find their way to the Temple of High Magic and make their own connection to this very rich tradition. The problem is not that we don’t have an esoteric tradition in the West, but that it is so extensive and profound!

In practice there is often a big difference between the knowledge picked up by people in esoteric circles and the Western Mystery tradition. This is one reason why there is so much vague, obscure or even unhealthy information about various subjects.

There are also large misconceptions about the techniques used in the Western Mystery Tradition. Experiments carried out by hobby magicians, backed up by the private opinions of people on forums and email groups, only contribute to the confusion. This can make your entry into the Western Mystery Tradition a hazardous adventure, possibly even making you run the risk of becoming psychically unstable, simply because you are not guided or corrected when you take a wrong turn.



The Adventure of Consciousness

Established mystery schools on the other hand have an abundance of knowledge about the effects that magical techniques can have on people. The effects not just of healing techniques but also other techniques on professionals in various occupations can be very profound.

'I received impossible instructions at work. We were told to develop our teamwork in a completely new direction. Nobody was really enthusiastic about it, and we were at a loss about what we should do. During meditation, an inner area suddenly opened up inside me and I was overcome by a flood of inspiration. I knew exactly how to handle the situation, and how to motivate the people in my team. The plan blossomed into a presentation that turned out to be a great success. Through my magical training, these kinds of experiences are increasingly frequent. They are gifts from the Gods." (Merel, head nurse)

Starting a magical training is the beginning of an adventure that leads you to the treasure house of the human mind. Great treasures are hidden in the higher states of consciousness and in the depths of our subconscious mind. In our Temple of High Magic you learn how to gain access to these realms of consciousness, and this makes a magical training an 'Adventure of Consciousness' par excellence.

The Western Mystery Tradition is a road for the seeker of Enlightenment, it is a road of liberation and of self actualization. The methods we use are both very old and very modern. As our students are surrounded by people who have been walking this path for many years, it is a solid road leading to self-development and growth.