The Creation of Paradise - Temple Retreat Spring 2012 by Ina Cüsters-van Bergen



Reviews: The Creation of Paradise


For the first time I attended this workshop given by Ina Cüsters-van Bergen. The whole workshop is ritual work and it is a way to build up the temple and its energy to work on your inner self. The rituals where so powerful and emotional for me, and pure that it really touches the deeper layers of your inner self. The Angelic energy is overwhelming.
On sunday was the last ritual where everything was coming together: an amazing strong and powerful ritual.
It was a weekend I will never forget. I have learned so much about myself and have met wonderful people. A burden was lifted from my shoulders. This weekend has changed my vieuw on things, I felt lifted up by the Angels. They thought me some lessons and gave me a misson.There so many words to describe all this that I can’t find them. I have gotten so much out of this and more to come the next weeks and months.

Patricia de Jager


I wanted to thank my sisters and brothers for this wonderful workshop and most of all of course our teacher, Ina Cüsters-van Bergen. It was so beautiful again, I was still there the whole day (and needed to keep my rosary with me, I just could not put it away). For some reason this workshop has given me so much peace and happiness as well as true wonder that I feel elevated to a totally different level. I also noticed today that I have such a positive outlook on the future all of a sudden, it's unbelievable.
Thank you so much, Ina, for making this happen. I wish we could do this more often.



It is a commonplace that our Temple Retreats are special. Yes, they really are, and they are always beautiful. But this one is one of my favourites. Why? This workshop has given me important experiences and deep insights I am very happy about. But what impressed me most was what I would call the supernatural beauty and happiness I saw and felt the whole time.



I would like to express how grateful I am what this workshop weekend has given me. It was a very special one for me personally and I am so grateful to have shared it with such a magnificent and caring group of people. I would like to thank Ina Cüsters-van Bergen for the sheer inspiration to create such wonderful , beautiful and powerful experiences and I would like to thank Anke to help manifest this inspiration into such amazing imagery.



Last weekend we were witness of a unity which really feld like a circle out of time. Thanks to (as always) Ina's ongoing spirit, wonderful decorations of Ina and Anke,  our own dedication and last but certainly not least, the Angels themselves with whose manifestation this weekend would not have been what it has become.


I want to add something as well. It is possible that you see these pictures because of the beautiful photo's made by Christiane. She has an eye to catch all this beauty!