Candle of Vision

ARGUELLES, M & J The Feminine (Shamballa)
First Steps in Ritual
Highways of the Mind
The Ritual Magic Workbook
The Shining Paths
Inner Landscapes
The Sacred Cord Meditations
The Tree of Ecstasy
The New Book of the Dead
Daughters of Eve
Building a Temple
The Officers of the Temple
BADDELEY, ALAN Your Memory (Penguin)
BAKER, Dr. DOUGLAS Karmic Laws (D. M. Baker)
Opening the Third Eye (Aquar. Press)
Practical Techniques of Astral Projection (Aquarian)
The Seven Rays (D. M. Baker)
BEGG, EAN Cult of the Black Virgin (Arkana)
BIFFLE, CHRISTOPHER The Castle of the Pearl (Brns & Nobl)
BLAIR, LAWRENCE The Rhythms of Vision (Schocken)
BLAKESLEE, THOMAS The Right Brain (McMillan Press)
BLAVATSKY, HELENA PETROVNA Isis Unveiled (Theosophical Publishing House)
The Secret Doctrine (Theosophical Publishing House)
BLEAKLEY, ALAN Fruits of the Moon (Gateway)
BORD, COLIN & JANET Earth Rites (Granada)
Mysterious Britain (Granada)
BRANSTON, BRIAN The Lost Gods of England (Th & Hu.)
BRENNAN, J. H. Astral Doorways
Experimental Magic
Five Keys to Past Lives
Discover Reincarnation
Discover Astral Projection
Nostradamus: Visions of the Future
Ancient Spirit
BULLFINCH, THOMAS Bullfinch's Mythology (Avenel)
BUTLER, W.E. Apprenticed to Magic (Aq. Press)
Magic and the Qabalah (Aq. Press)
Magic: Its Ritual, Power and Purpose (Aquarian Press)
The Magician, his Training and Work (Aquarian Press)
Practical Magic and the Western Mystery Tradition
How to Develop Clairvoyance (Aq)
How to Develop Psychometry (Aq)
How to Develop Telepathy (Aq.)
How to Read the Aura (Aq. Press)
Lords of Light (Destiny Books)
CAMPBELL, JOSEPH The Hero With a Thousand Faces (Princeton University Press)
The Masks of God - 4 vols (Princeton University Press)
Myths to Live By (Pr. Un. Press)
CASE, PAUL FOSTER The Book of Tokens (BOTA)
The Tarot (Macoy Pub. Co.)
CHANT, JOY The High Kings (Allen & Unwin)
CHARON, JEAN The Unknown Spirit (Coventure)
CIRLOT,JUAN EDUARDO  Dictionary of Symbols (Routledge)
CLARK, R.T. RUNDLE  Myth and Symbol in Ancient Egypt (Thames & Hudson)
COOPER, J. C. Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Traditional Symbols (Th & Huds.)
Symbolism (Aquarian Press)
DIEL, PAUL Symbolism in Greek Mythology (Shambhala)
DRURY, NEVILLE Other Temples, Other Gods (Routledge)
The Shaman and the Magician (Routledge)
DURDIN-ROBERTSON, L. Juno Covella (Cesara Publications)
FERGUSON, MARILYN The Aquarian Conspiracy (Paladin)
FORTUNE, DION Applied Magic (Aquarian Press)
Aspects of Occultism (Aquarian Press)
The Esoteric Orders and Their Work (Aquarian Press)
Mystical Meditations on the Collects (Rider)
The Mystical Qabalah (Aq. Press)
Practical Occultism in Daily Life (Aq)
Psychic Self-Defence (Aq. Press)
Sane Occultism (Aquarian Press)
The Training and Work of an Initiate (Aquarian Press)
FRAZER, J. G. The Golden Bough (MacMillan)
GETTINGS, FRED The Hidden Art (Studio Vista)
GINSBURG, CARLOS The Night Battles (Routledge)
GRAVES, ROBERT The White Goddess (Faber)
GRAY, WILLIAM The Ladder of Lights (Weiser)
GREEN, LIZ Relating (Aquarian Press)
GREEN, MARIAN Experiments in Aquarian Magic (Aq)
The Gentle Arts of Aquarian Magic (Aquarian Press)
Magic for the Aquarian Age (Aq Pr)
HALEVI, Z'EV BEN SHIMON Adam & the Kabbalistic Tree (Rider)
Kabbalah (Thames & Hudson)
The Tree of Life (Rider)
The Way of the Kabbalah (Rider)
The Work of the Kabbalist (Gateway)
HALIFAX, JOAN Shaman: The Wounded Healer (Thames & Hudson)
HARDING, ESTHER Women's Mysteries (Rider)
HARRISON, JANE ELLEN Ancient Art and Ritual (Greenwood)
HARRISON, MICHAEL The Roots of Witchcraft (Muller)
HARTLEY, CHRISTINE The Western Mystery Tradition (Aq)
HELINE, CORINNE The Bible and the Tarot (New Age P)
HIGHFIELD, ANDREW The Book of Celestial Images (Aq)
The Symbolic Weapons of Ritual Magic (Aq. Pr.)
HITCHING, FRANCIS Earth Magic (Cassell)
HOPE, MURRY  Practical Celtic Magic (Aquarian)
Practical Egyptian Magic (Aquarian)
Practical Greek Magic (Aquarian)
Practical Techniques of Psychic Self-Defence (Aquarian)
HOWARD, MICHAEL  Prediction Book of Practical Magic (Javelin)
HUMPHREY, NAOMI Meditation: The Inner Way (Aq Press)
JAYNES, JULIAN The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind (Penguin)
JUNG, CARL GUSTAV Man and His Symbols (Pan)
JUNG, EMMA & VON FRANZ, M-L The Grail Legend (Coventure)
KAPLAN, AREYH Meditation and the Kabbalah (Weiser)
KNIGHT, GARETH Experience of the Inner Worlds (Helios)
The History of White Magic (Aq.)
LANG-SIMMS, LOIS The Christian Mysteries (Allen & Unw)
LEMESURIER, PETER The Armageddon Scripts (Element)
Beyond All Belief (Element Books)
LEVI, ELIPHAS The Magical Ritual of the Sanctum Regnum
MALTZ, MAXWELL Psychocybernetics (Pocket Books)
MANN, A. J. The Round Art (Dragon's World)
MAPLE, E. Old Wives' Tales (Hale)
MASTERS & HUSTON Mind Games (Turnstone)
MATTHEWS, JOHN At the Table of the Grail (Routledge)
The Western Way - 2 vols (Arkana)
MERRY, ELEANOR The Flaming Door (Floris Books)
MICHELL, JOHN The Earth Spirit (Thames & Hudson)
New View Over Atlantis (Th & Hudsn)
MICHENER, JAMES ALBERT The Source [fiction] (Corgi)
MORDUCH, ANNA The Sovereign Adventure (J. Clarke)
MORRISH, FURZE Outline of Metaphysics (Rider)
NEUMANN, ERICH The Great Mother (Routledge)
NICHOLS, SALLIE Jung and the Tarot (Weiser)
PEACH, EMILY The Tarot Workbook (Aquarian)
POLLACK, RACHEL Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom - 2 vols (Aquarian Press)
Tarot: The Open Labyrinth (Aquarian)
PURCE, JILL The Mystic Spiral (Thames & Hudsn)
RAVENSCROFT, TREVOR The Cup of Destiny (Weiser)
The Spear of Destiny (Weiser)
REDGROVE & SHUTTLE The Wise Wound (Paladin)
REGARDIE, ISRAEL The Eye in the Triangle (Falcon Press)
Foundations of Practical Magic (Aq)
A Garden of Pomegranates (Falcon)
The Art and Meaning of Magic
The Art of True Healing
The Tree of Life (Falcon Press)
RICHARDSON, ALAN Dancers to the Gods (Aquarian Press)
Gate of Moon (Aquarian Press)
An Introduction to the Mystical Qabalah (Aq. Press)
Priestess (Aquarian Press)
SAGAN, CARL The Dragons of Eden (Coronet)
SHARKEY, JOHN The Celtic Mysteries (Thms & Hudsn)
SPENCE, LEWIS Introduction to Mythology (Harrap)
The Mysteries of Britain (Rider)
The Mysteries of Egypt (Rider)
The Occult Sciences (Aquarian Press)
STARHAWK The Spiral Dance (Harper & Row)
STEINBRECHER, ED  The Inner Guide Meditation (Aq)
STEWART, R. J. The UnderWorld Initiation (Aquarian)
Waters of the Gap
Music and the Elemental Psyche
The Book of Merlin
SUARES, PAOLO The Kabbalah Trilogy (Shambhala)
TAME, DAVID The Secret Power of Music (Turnst.) 
TEMPLE, ROBERT The Sirius Mystery (Sidgwck & Jacksn)
THOMPSON, WILLIAM IRWIN The Time Falling Bodies Take to Light (Rider)
UNDERWOOD, GUY Patterns of the Past (Abacus)
UNDERWOOD, P. The Complete Book of Dowsing and Divining
VALIENTE, DOREEN Natural Magic (Hale)
Witchcraft for Tomorrow (Hale)
WAITE, ARTHUR EDWARD The Book of Ceremonial Magic
The Pictorial Key to the Tarot
WALKER, BARBARA Women's Encyclopaedia of Myths and Legends (Harper & Row)
WANG, ROBERT The Secret Temple (Weiser)
The Qabalistic Tarot (Weiser)
WHITMONT, E. Return of the Goddess (Routledge)
WILLIAMS, STREPHON KAPLAN The Dreamwork Manual (Aquarian)
WILLIS, TONY The Runic Workbook (Aquarian)
WILSON, ANNE DEIRDRE Magical Thought in Creative Writing (Thimble Press)
WILSON, COLIN God of the Labyrinth (Panther)
Mysteries (Panther)
The Occult (Panther)
The Outsider [fiction] (Pan)
The Starseekers [fiction] (Panther)
Frankenstein's Castle