Witness says NASA photos show structure on Moon

Many readers of CNI News are aware of recent claims by Richard Hoagland regarding evidence of artificial structures on the moon. Hoagland, best known for

NASA Images Find1,750,000Year Old Man-MadeBridge

The Hindustan Times10-10-2WASHINGTON (PTI) -- The NASA Shuttle has imaged a mysterious ancient bridge between India and Sri Lanka, asmentioned in the Ramayana.The evidence, say

Archeology and Artefacts

панагюрското съкровище

The Treasures of Old Thrace

Posted on June 9, 20190

Author: http://thracefoundation.org/ Old Greek chronicler Thucydides (Vth century BC) mentions that amongst the nations positioned in between the Euxinian Pont (Black Sea) and also Ionian Gulf

Coaching & NLP

The Therapist and the Mystic (Was sich liebt, das neckt sich.)

Posted on May 20, 20190

They meet each other at the coffee machine on a conference. Quickly stirring the coffee as if the speed of the stirring is determinant of

Life work

The telephone rings: Do you remember me, I was your neighbor at the fair? Where the lady came by who talked to you about papers