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Witness says NASA photos show structure on Moon

Many readers of CNI News are aware of recent claims by Richard Hoagland regarding evidence of artificial structures on the moon. Hoagland, best known for his studies of "the Face on Mars," says that he has acquired photos and "insider testimony" proving NASA knowledge of massive extraterrestrial artifacts on the

NASA Images Find1,750,000Year Old Man-MadeBridge

The Hindustan Times10-10-2WASHINGTON (PTI) -- The NASA Shuttle has imaged a mysterious ancient bridge between India and Sri Lanka, asmentioned in the Ramayana.The evidence, say experts matter of factly, is in the Digital Image Collection.The recently discovered bridge, currently named as Adam'sBridge and made of a chain of shoals, 30

NASA accused of erasing UFOS from photos

NASA ACCUSED OF ERASING UFOS FROM PHOTOS[The following is excerpted from a transcript of a radio program which was printed in the ORTK (Operation Right to Know) Bulletin #9, dated July 10, 1995. The transcript,prepared by Don Ratch, is taken from a late-night radio broadcast that occurred on May5, 1995

Scientist Reveals Alien Micro-Technology Found After First Moon Launch

Scientist Reveals Alien Micro-Technology Found After First Moon Launch The Cylinders were found in Lunar Soil samples returned to Earth. "What we saw shook the very foundation of our scientific beliefs at the time. Within the nodules were small cylinders, absolutely perfect, on the order of several hundred microns across embedded in