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Growing pain

Growing pain

Together we walk the forest path. We are surrounded by a barren winter landscape. The whistling wind whirls unrestrained around us. The clouds separate incidentally. A faint sun takes every opportunity to pour down a shy ray to paint the landscape yellow.

I enjoy the walk. When the clouds separate, the wood is suffused with short boosts of a bleak yellow light. I admire the colourful feathers of a flight of ducks, who pass with loud cackling noises, heading for the nearest pond. The passing clouds tell the intangible story of mythical creatures on their way to an unknown destiny.

Why do you walk weighted down? You tell me that everything in you is as grey as the weather. Nature is inexpugnable and mirrors the inner emptiness.

My hands deep in my pockets I walk, while I contemplate the situation: Two people walk the same road and yet one experiences it completely different from the other. I ask how I can help?

“I experience the circumstances under which I live as completely inhuman,” you groan.
I look at you thoughtfully: “What makes that you feel less human in this world?”
A deep sigh, shrugging, eyes to the ground, hands rise in an empty gesture. “I don’t know!”

We walk further and arrive at a junction. The left path goes to the city, the right path takes you further into nature, in the direction of the climbing sun.
I read the road sign aloud. On the left arrow is written:

“What do you want to have?”

At the right arrow I read:

“What do you want to become?”

old-wooden-arrows-road-sign_500You turn your head and your eyes ponder over my facial expression.

“This is the place where you choose your answer to the question of meaning. The challenge is to ask the right question: What do you need? The left path takes you to full displays and mortgages. It brings you to that world, where the solution for emptiness is delivered from the outside. ‘Buy me and you will feel happy’, if it is only for fifteen minutes.”
I point at the forest floor. “Look, at the right path is a pile of nuts! The right path offers you growing potential. When you dare to plant these growing seeds in your life, you will develop yourself from the inside out. The emptiness will start to blossom and you will become filled with everything you already are in essence. This path leads you to the Enchanted Land where the trees grow into the heaven and dreams come true.”

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