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Shoes of Courage

There are those days when the weather outside is grey and a constant drizzle blurs the sight. Days where the watery coldness of the weather penetrates even your bones.

On exactly such a day I cannot get started. I sit sighing on the couch. Stirring my cup of black coffee I let my thoughts circle around the problem. Whatever I think up, immediately feels blocked.

I let myself sink deeper into my feelings, as in a whirlpool I let myself pull along; when I reach the core, I will see where the opportunities are, there I will find the key.

Staring into the black reflecting surface of the coffee I have a board meeting with my heart, I penetrate deeper into my feelings, internally repeat what I already tried out.

Suddenly in the hypnotizing surface, a pair of shoes appear, they tell me that they are Shoes of Courage. “Where will you take me when I put you on?

I laugh when I see them on my feet, it looks frolic. … An energy starts to rush through my body, adrenaline causes my heart to beat quicker, I feel tingling everywhere, the hair on my arms rise and I feel a heat, blood rushes to my cheeks. I hear the call note:

“There is a road here, walk me, follow me! I bring you to the areas you don’t know”. My eyebrows shoot upwards, my heart hops like a toddler ‘yes, yes, yes!”

My head starts to persuade me to calm down by bringing up all the obstacles and drawbacks. Now, seated at the table, coffee in front of me, elbows on the surface, hands in my hair, I listen to the dialog in my inner. The shoes itch and cause my toes to curl, my hands tickle. I tell my sensitive self: “When I always listen to your objections, we will never get anywhere. But when we tackle this with your smartness, there is nothing to lose.”

My heart decides that we are following the call note, first in the mind. The Courageous Shoes take me, step by step… They show me a road that I never investigated. They tell me where to go, where I can find more information, whom to speak…

Suddenly they change character, the steps get bigger. They grow. I feel freedom. Doors swing open unexpectedly and my Courageous Shoes change into Seven League Boots. I get an overview of the road from a giants perspective and oversee the path that I did not know previously.

I clearly see where they can bring me. I get new opportunities. Solutions for my worries spark off in my mind with such a speed that I quickly take a notebook to write them down; I don’t give the new ideas the opportunity to escape!

It amazes me every time how effective these methods are, with them you can turn problems into chances. If you want to walk with me, and learn this and other techniques, apply for the Temple Trainings. Here you can learn these and many more techniques to make giant steps into your successful future.