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Shoes of Courage

There are those days when the weather outside is grey and a constant drizzle blurs the sight. Days where the watery coldness of the weather penetrates even your bones. On exactly such a day I cannot get started. I sit sighing on the couch. Stirring my cup of black coffee I

Afraid of the Unknown?

I look for realities of the present seen through an inverted glass, which are so full of inspiration and of a strange and terrible beauty. Most people are hardly aware, that underneath the ever changing events of the present is a layer of reality that is mythological. It is a reality

Growing pain

Growing pain Together we walk the forest path. We are surrounded by a barren winter landscape. The whistling wind whirls unrestrained around us. The clouds separate incidentally. A faint sun takes every opportunity to pour down a shy ray to paint the landscape yellow. I enjoy the walk. When the clouds separate,